OPERA 1010: Keep calm and sing opera | Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy


OPERA 1010: Keep calm and sing opera, immersive workshop on opera singing, acting and production

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Program partecipants: elementary, middle and high school students

Program duration: tailored to the school’s needs.

In this class students embark on a journey of opera, theater and the Italian Language.  Thought this workshop, tailored to your needs, participants with receive training in classical singing, acting, dramaturgy and theater production.  This invitation to experience the richness of the operatic arts will enable the students to find connections with their own forms of expression, culminating in a live performance of the first act finale of Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia performed by the participants, alongside the teaching artists of the Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy and the soloists of Teatro Grattacielo.

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