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OPERA 2020: The New York  Project

Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy (USA) and Hellenic Foundation for Culture (GREECE) are bringing new prospectives to opera. We believe in technology driven education and promotion that connects the two entities, and therefore the two countries, thus creating strong bonds and working relations for young singers. Camerata Bardi's initiatives involve not only a high level preparation for world stages, but also their promotion through productions, live and virtual, with an eye on innovation, filmography and multi-media arts.

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture hfc-worldwide.org and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy https://cameratabardi.org, which is the young artists program of Teatro Grattacielo www.grattacielo.org based in New York, USA, announce their collaboration in Greece in order to prepare young artists (sophomores and graduates of Conservatories), who are interested in pursuing an international career or pursuing further studies abroad.
Over the past 27 years, Teatro Grattacielo has represented many US Premiers, while we are doing our best to ensure that the scope of achievement includes the vast diversity of artistic voices, cultures, disciplines and traditions found in our own New York Community and around the world.

The collaboration concerns the preparation of young Greek artists through a ten-day program by experienced and renowned teachers. The program is led in Athens by the distinguished vocalist and experienced vocal teacher Gina Poulou, who belongs to the staff of the Camerata Bardi Academy and is a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing in New York) .The program is comprised by internationally renowned artists, agents, casting directors and Opera Theater Artistic Directors, who will teach online technique, stage action / interpretation, articulation, expression and anything else that completes the preparation of participants.

Participants will be given the opportunity to audition online and live - scheduled by Camerata Bardi in agencies and lyric theaters in New York, in collaboration with the Foundation for Greek Culture - if selected at the end of the program. In addition students will be under consideration for future Teatro Grattacielo projects. 

Both the current financial situation and the lack of targeted preparation of young artists deprive them of going abroad and / or success in auditions. Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy brings the important part of the preparation to the interested party, but also the opportunities of direct contact with top coaches / agents of the lyric theater.


It is addressed to graduates and graduates of Conservatories and music schools, who wish to have an international career, but also to those who wish to continue their studies abroad in music academies.


The basic preparation lasts ten (10) days, without excluding the interested parties to extend their preparation, as much as they wish. Arias and / or excerpts will be studied in each period, depending on the level of the participant. The courses will be in groups of up to five (5) participants. The preparation is undertaken by:

*Voice,  Gina Poulou, Soprano, Vocal coach, Artistic Administrator The NY Project , Greek National Opera, Yoga your voice.
*Stage approach/Italian Diction Coaching, Stefano de Peppo , Washington National Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Sarasota Opera, Opera Colorado 
*Business and Self-Promotion Branding Class, Stefanos Koroneos Baritone, Artistic and General Director Teatro Grattacielo, Artistic Director Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy , Bolshoi Teater, Greek National Opera, Palm Beach Opera, Teatro Reggio di Parma. 
*Spartito Coaching, Style, Diction and Phrasing, Jorge Parodi, Conductor, Music Director of Opera in Williamsburg VA, General and Artistic Director Opera Hispanica, Artistic Director Morelia Festival, Juilliard School of Music. Atlanta Opera, New York City Opera, Opera Tampa. 
*Spartito, coaching and German Diction, Israel Gursky, Music Director Teatro Grattacielo, Kappelmeister Teater Bremen, Assistant Conductor Metropolitan Opera.
  *Business and Audition Feedback Lewis Ehlers, opera agent, Lombardo Associates NYC 
*Collaborative pianist Frixos Mortzos, Greek National Opera 
*Collaborative pianist, Michalis Papageorgiou 

The above program includes three (3) hours of technique, three (3) hours of stage performance, two (2) hours of Business and Self-Promotion Branding Class, two (2) hours of Spartito Coaching, Style, Diction and Phrasing and two (2) Business and Audition Feedback hours.
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